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NHS Electronic Prescription Service

We have been live with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service since May 2011. We have almost 6000 patients on repeat prescriptions so we are very keen to move as many patients as possible onto this service, for reasons outlined below. There are benefits all round, benefits for you, as the patient, benefits for the pharmacist, and benefits for our doctors and staff.

The key benefits are:

  1. We can send "acute" prescriptions electronically to your chosen (nominated) pharmacy, like an email, and it arrives there instantly.
  2. We can send repeat prescriptions likewise, and they arrive almost immediately
  3. if you are on regular daily medication, we can set up a "standing order" (called ELECTRONIC REPEAT DISPENSING) to automatically send the prescription to your nominated pharmacy every two months, without you having to do anything.

When you have your annual review appointment at the surgery, we can re-authorise your medication for 12 months, and set the standing order up.
The only items which cannot be sent in this way are items which you need on an irregular or intermittent basis, for example some inhalers, creams, painkillers etc. These still have to be ordered, but can still be sent electronically once ordered. If a change is made to your treatment regime during the 12 month period, we can easily change your repeat prescriptions.

So what do you have to do to start using this service? Simply choose your "nominated" pharmacy, and either sign up at the pharmacy, or at the surgery. Our staff can `nominate` for you at your request.

From that point onwards your prescriptions will always, and automatically, be sent there unless you tell us otherwise.

If you wish to change your nominated pharmacy to a different one, this can be done in an instant, and the previous pharmacist will not be aware of it.

If you have any questions please contact Debbie or Wendy, our medicines management team, to clarify, on extension 1020 at the surgery.
For more details, please visit the following website for up-to-date information:


How Do I....
Obtain A Repeat Prescription?

Repeat Prescription Ordering is Changing….

Do you have a Vision Online Services (VOS) account? If so, did you know that you can now order your repeat prescriptions online using your Vision Online Services (VOS) account?

Simply log in, choose the prescriptions tab and your usual repeat medication will be conveniently listed for you to tick and order. It is an altogether more secure and efficient method for ordering your repeat medication.

In addition, a VOS account enables you to book appointments online.

If you do not have a VOS account please call in to the surgery and pick up a form, or you can download the form here.

So don’t delay, sign up for a VOS account today and enjoy the benefits of easier repeat prescription ordering and online appointment booking.

If agreed by the doctor, repeat prescriptions can be obtained without an appointment. Requests for prescriptions can be made on the form below, by sending in a repeat prescription request with a stamped addressed envelope, or by handing your request slip in at reception, or by handing your request to any one of the following pharmacies.

Boots, Urmston or Stretford 0161 748 2317/865 7062
Reeds Chemist, Urmston 0161 748 2438
Boots, Davyhulme 0161 748 3016
PCTA (Co-op) 0161 748 2090/748 5472/748 1926
Lostock Pharmacy, Stretford 0161 865 1603
Lloyds Pharmacy, Urmston & Davyhulme 0161 748 2966/748 2199
Urmston Pharmacy, Urmston 0161 864 3733
Boots, Trafford Retail Park 0161 748 7836
Malcolm's Pharmacy, Urmston 0161 747 2277

We cannot accept repeat prescription requests by phone.

Always allow at least 72 hours before you call to collect your prescription, which can be either from one of the above pharmacies or allow 48 hours if collecting from the surgery. Some local pharmacies offer a delivery service.

We also offer REPEAT PRESCRIPTION ORDERING ONLINE 24 HOURS A DAY using the form below. Please remember to calculate the collection time allowing 48 working hours from a Pharmacy or 48 hours if collecting from the surgery Monday to Friday, following your request.
Please refer to the information above for prescription requests.

* = Required field
First Names:
Last Name:
Date of Birth
Email Address:
You must enter your correct email address to receive confirmation.
Phone Number:
Your Usual Doctor:
Please tell us the drugs you require. Be specific and check your spelling. Please take all details from your repeat prescription record slip.
Drug Name
If you require more than 10 items, please submit another request.

Collection Point :
Please state clearly any changes to your medication that you need to inform your GP about. If you have requested something that is not on your list of regular medication, please explain briefly why the item is needed.

The internet is not secure, and the transmission of data to request medication is entirely at the patient's own risk. The practice accepts no responsibility for breaches in confidentiality resulting from patients' transmissions.

I accept the terms and conditions above*


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