Free Sim Cards – Trafford Residents

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Free sim cards have been launched in trafford to help residents who may be struggling in the cost-of-living crisis.

The scheme is being rolled in trafford libraries in a bid to support residents with the cost of their mobile data.

The smart cards offer unlimited free texts and calls, and provide data packages of up to 40gb per month for six months.

About the Sim Cards

The national databank is providing the sim cards to support families in need.

The cards, pledged by virgin media, o2, vodafone, and three, will be especially useful for families with school children who want to keep in touch with their friends over the holidays.

Councillor Tom Ross, leader of Trafford Council, who is leading on digital inclusion in the borough, said: “There’s been a lot of headlines about the cost of food and utilities but mobile phones costs can also be prohibitive. We’re all used to having mobiles – they’re an easy way to keep in touch with our friends, find out what’s happening in our communities or even book an appointment with the doctor. If people can’t afford them, it can lead to loneliness and social exclusion. If a smartphone is your only device to get online, disconnection can cause issues with banking or paying bills, applying for jobs, ordering prescriptions or keeping in touch with loved ones.”

The councillor said the free sim cards are a “brilliant way” to help those who are struggling. He continued: “Adults can get online and children can stay connected by messaging or playing games online with their schoolmates. I would urge anyone worried about affording mobile phone data to go and collect a free sim card from their local library.”

Low-income residents aged 18 or over can claim a free sim card from their nearest library that is part of the national databank.

To keep families connected, residents who do not have access to a device at home may be eligible to borrow a device through the laptop loan scheme from Trafford libraries.

For residents struggling with the cost of broadband, families in receipt of benefits could also be eligible for a social broadband tariff which can save them up to £144 a year on their broadband bills. Find out more information at www.Trafford.Gov.Uk/broadband.